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Clinical Psychologist

Mental health/well being is distinct from mental illness/disorder. Our emotional, psychological, cognitive, and social well-being are all a part of our mental health. In other words, mental health is all about a person’s feelings, thoughts, and behavior toward others as well as toward oneself. Our mental well-being is influenced by our genetics, our upbringing, our situations in life, and the stress we experience. Each person’s threshold for coping changes from person to person and situation to situation, and when the person’s day to day activities gets affected, he/she must seek a professional help.

What does a Clinical Psychologist do?

Clinical psychologist deal with the diagnosis and treatment of people (all ages) who have cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioural problems like depression, anxiety, stress, intellectual and learning disabilities, and other psychiatric disorders. Psychotherapeutic techniques and psychometric evaluations/assessments are part of the diagnosis and treatment plans.

Clinical interview and Psychometric assessments includes getting detailed case history of the patient, based on which assessments are selected and carried out using standardized psychometric tools.

Treatment: Based on the case history, observations, assessment results and diagnosis, the appropriate therapy and management plans are made and followed for the individual.

Clinical psychologist addresses the following areas:

Pediatric: Intellectual disability, Autism, ADHD, Specific Learning disabilities, and behavioral problems.

Adult: Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive compulsive disorder, somatic complaints, Anger issues, marital conflicts and addictions

Geriatric: Behavioral, cognitive and neurological issues.

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